Selena + Justin = Jelena = NO

Christina Drill
March 11, 2014

Wait, why do I even care about this? Man, I don't know. I think it's because ever since I saw Selena Gomez diss Justin Bieber on Jay Leno I thought she was cool slash in the clear. Apparently not.

Earlier this winter, Selena Gomez checked herself in and out of rehab, which she entered voluntarily to help with her dependence on alcohol, weed, and Justin Bieber, who was recently arrested for a DUI in Miami and has been on the verge of a Britney-style public meltdown since the couple's official break-up last year.

The two met up at a Starbucks in Hidalgo, Texas, where Selena was rehearsing for her comeback concert at Borderfest. Afterwards the pair went to a perfume store, where Justin Bieber allegedly bought two bottles of cologne. Hold on, need to take a giggle break.

Ok back. So this is bad, but hey. Old friends can catch up for coffee, right?

Shit hit the fan when Bieber posted two videos of him and Selena doing a romantic choreographed dance to John Legend's "Ordinary People" at a dance studio near Selena's home in Texas to his Instagram. He quickly deleted the videos, but not fast enough, because evidence of them is noweverywhere.

Kids will be kids, and people do dumb stuff when they are twenty-one and in love, but Selena, get it together girl. Justin hasn't worn a shirt in like two years and really didn't show good face on his deposition video from yesterday. How are you going to run back to that?!

I guess there is no better feeling than being loved by someone you love. Even if he's creepy about it and post photos of you from events he wasn't even invited to. Looking at you, Justin.

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