College Professor Gets Schooled By a Student on April Fool's

Christina Drill
April 07, 2014

It depends on the professor and the classroom, but I think it is safe to say that there are very few professors who are happy when a phone rings in the middle of a class they're conducting. One professor at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan forces his students to answer their phone on speakerphone when it rings in during his class. In a stroke of genius, one student used this opportunity to devise a plan to prank her professor on April Fool's Day, and her classmate caught it all on camera.

In the video, you hear a girl's phone ringing in her Macroeconomics class. Her professor looks at her and is like, "Well, you have to answer it." So she does, and it's somebody calling from a pregnancy resource center letting her know that her results are in and that she's pregnant, that the father is out of the picture, and that they are willing to help her work out what her next steps will be. The entire time her teacher is just staring at her incredulously with a paper covering his face. At one point he tries to say, "Okay, you can take it off speaker--" but the student ignores him and continues to chat on the phone.

After the most excruciating minute of that professor's life, the student gets off of the phone and the professor immediately apologizes for making her answer such a private call in front of him and the rest of her peers.

The sly student accepts his apology without making eye contact with him and seems to decide to open up to her class and her professor. "I've thought about this a lot, and I already know what I'm going to name my kids..." the student pauses... "Her first name is going to be April, and her last name is going to be Fools..."

The professor loses it completely, and so does the class. It is the most priceless thing ever. And then his face when he realizes they caught the whole thing on camera! HAHAHA.

Since it was posted, the clip has gotten over 3 Million hits on Youtube and aired on The Today Show Monday morning.Watch it here.

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