Get out of the Hamptons, the Kardashians are coming!

Christina Drill
March 26, 2014

Wah! Run! Hide! It is confirmed that E! has picked up (or created, for $$$) the new Kardashian spin-off Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons which will center around the two Kardashian sisters as they open up a new DASH Boutique in, you guessed it, the Hamptons. East End, to be exact.

After Kim's very much talked about Vogue cover, the other two sibs are looking to glamify their brand. On the show, they will be opening the new boutique in the Hamptons as well as search for a new property for their Manhattan location. (What's wrong girls? Soho not chic enough?)

Obviously, there are many people unhappy with the Kardashian invasion of Manhattan's favorite vacation spot. One tweeter tweets: "Nooooooo. Nothing could make the summer worse then[sic] the Kardashians doing a show in the Hamptons. NOOOOOO!"

But some Hamptonites are less peeved about it and say nothing about this is that big of a deal. "Having the Kardashian family spotted out and about in the Hamptons is not new news," the editor of explained. She continued: "They also aren’t the first reality stars to film out here. We’ve had the Real Housewives franchise filming out here for years."

The Kardashian invasion (which isn't even really an invasion, it isn't like the whole KLAN is going to be out there) will affect commerce for sure, but it isn't positive whether it'll be in a bad way or in a good way. For example, either a bunch of people will crowd the new Dash store and make many purchases in the area, or people will choose to avoid shopping near it for fear of crowds. It could go either way, but nothing dramatic should happen. SO CAN EVERYONE RELAX?!

Along with the girls, Kourtney's partner Scott Disick, who is originally from the Hamptons himself, will be planting his feet there. The crew will be there at least until Labor Day, and the series is set to air in the fall.

Who plans to watch? Anybody? Anyone?

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