New Photos of Kurt Cobain Crime Scene Released

Christina Drill
March 21, 2014

It will be ten years this April since Kurt Cobain was found dead from an apparent suicide in a room in Seattle, Washington. Evidence shows he shot himself in the head with a 20-gauge shotgun after doing what cops called an "extraordinary" amount of heroin-- that's ten times the amount a normal user would think to ingest.

This week four rolls of 35mm film was released that included photos of the scene of Kurt's death. The photos showed images of used needles and spoons, but nothing that would prompt Seattle police to reopen the case.

Kurt Cobain died at the peak of his career, at the time when the band's album In Utero was at the top of the charts, so his death came as a shock to not just fans but to the entire country. Many fans have urged Seattle police to reopen the case, since there are many conspiracy theories that believe foul play was most definitely involved.

The most popular of conspiracy theories centers around Kurt Cobain's then-wife Courtney Love Cobain, who many say hired a hitman to kill Kurt and then, by hiring her own private investigator, was able to keep some things quiet. What is most constantly questioned is the gunshot-- if somebody was doped up on the amount of heroin Kurt Cobain must have been doped up on, their motor skills would be so impaired that pulling a gun up to their head and pulling the trigger would have been nearly impossible.

Cobain was twenty-seven when he killed himself, after nearly dying due to a tranquilizer overdose in Rome after Nirvana played a show.

Seattle police say the likelihood that the case will ever be reopened is slim to none, because there is not enough new or contrary evidence to suggest that Cobain's death was nothing else but a suicide.

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