Lindsay Lohan Makes Everybody's Lives Difficult on Set of 2 Broke Girls

Christina Drill
March 14, 2014

SIGH. Does Lindsay have anybody left to root for her after the Oprah documentary? I gave up on her before Lifetime's Liz & Dick was halfway finished. Whoever works as her agent must be getting paid a lot of money to book her these gigs.

So Lindsay Lohan shot an episode of the CBS show "2 Broke Girls" starring Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs. A blogger over at Crazy Days and Nights witnessed the entire things, and what he saw was not pretty.

Lindsay had difficulty pronouncing a lot of her lines because the muscles in her lips were sore due to Botox, so she had stop between a lot of her lines to gain control of her lips. At one point during the filming Lindsay couldn't get out the words "Hawaii" and "Bahamas" in succession and production was delayed twenty minutes.

One scene Lindsay was in apparently took 45 minutes to shoot because she hadn't memorized the lines and kept messing them up. According to the CDAN blogger, Roger, the guy who pumps up the live studio audience, had everybody get up and give Lindsay a standing ovation in order to make her feel better and boost her morale. Oh jeez.

This isn't the first time Lindsay has made everybody's lives a living hell on set. The New York Times Magazine did a profile of her on the set of The Canyons, and it makes her sound even more insane than the post up on CDAN.

“When the final product airs next month, people will see the editing and Lindsay’s best from those scenes and think to themselves that she isn’t that bad. … The 200 people who sat through that taping will know that Lindsay didn’t deserve to be on the show. They will know that every single person who had lines on the show was at least ten times better than Lindsay," the CDAN blogger wrote.

I don't watch 2 Broke Girls, but you bet I'll be watching this episode. LiLo: that trainwreck you can't look away from. That mediocre acting that captivates you always.

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