Lindsay Lohan On Staying Sober, Releasing Anger & New Docu-Series

Jason Scott
March 28, 2014

Lindsay Lohan has, admittedly, had a trouble life. Over the course of the past 10 years, she has entered rehab roughly seven times, but it was her last stint that truly gave her the motivation to live a healthier life. "When I went to treatment this time [at] Cliffside, I just wanted a moment for myself," she tells Ellen Degeneres on her show Friday (March 28).

She adds, "I learned a lot of tools and things that I didn't in the past. In the past, a lot of people don't know this, but I was sent to rehab to avoid them putting me in jail. So, it wasn't anything I wanted or was necessarily ready for. It was something...kind of going with the motions."

"This was the first time I went to Shawn Holley, my lawyer, and said, 'look, I need some time,'" Lohan admits. "'I need to figure something out.' It was through meditation and learning different things and just growing up, as well, and being like, 'I'm tired, and I want to be working.' That's what makes me happy. I'm just gonna do what I have to do to get there again."

As we all know, Lohan shot to fame with her roles in such blockbuster films as Parent Trap, Life-Size, Freaky Friday, Mean Girls and Herbie Fully Loaded. Of course, all that attention at such a young age can come with a price. As Degeneres points out, these budding starlets have access to anything and everything. "I should have listened to my mom when she would say move back to New York," Lohan says. "Making the move back home to where my family is [has] made a big difference for me."

Later in the interview, Lohan and Degeneres discuss the star's previous appearances on the show (a total of seven to-date), her workout routine and having more peace in her life. "I don't have as much anger anymore," Lohan says, but confesses she no longer boxes. "I've released a lot of that. There's more peace in my life."

And in great news: Lilo starts work on a new movie, via Lionsgate, in May! More details are soon to be revealed.

Check out the full interview below:

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