Lady Gaga's 'Brooklyn Nights' Leaks

Jason Scott
March 17, 2014

Lady Gaga reminisces about a former lover in an unheard track, titled "Brooklyn Nights," a robotic ballad that hit the internet over the weekend. Reportedly, the track was intended for her 2013-released ARTPOP record, but was scrapped and reissued for that album's accompanying app. While the song certainly explores less organic production than typical Gaga affair, it is still a strong showcase for her songwriting talents.

“It’s not that I don’t want to love you. It’s not that I’m over it, you know, you know. It’s just that I can’t watch us to bleed to death, when we used to be Brooklyn-nights happy," she tenderly sings on the chorus.

Gagapedia reports that the song was written in 2010 during her Monster Ball Tour. "I did write another song today while I was here in North Carolina," she had told the gathering Little Monsters about the song. She then called the city Charolotte "an impressive and interesting place," mostly because of an adult shop she visited.

She added, "The pornography was staggering. Congratulations on your tripple-X stores!"

The song was produced by DJ White Shadow, Nick Monson and Dino Zisis.

This latest musical development comes on the heels of her incredible performance at this year's South By SouthWest Music Festival (SXSW). During her Thursday (March 13) performance, she took the stage with many of her ARTPOP album tracks, including "Gypsy," which became an emotional tribute.

"I want to dedicate this song to the tragedy of last night," she said. Of course, she mean the hit-and-run which resulted in two deaths and 23 injuries on an Austin street. "We're all just wandering the earth, trying to find each other. We all just want to have a good time and suck every bit of love that we can out of life."

She continued, "It's just so short sometimes and so unfair. Sometimes things happen, and we go, 'what's happening in the world?' I think we should take this one moment and do that thing where you put your phones away and look at each other right now in this moment and just be right here."

Take a listen to "Brooklyn Nights" now:

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