Kris Jenner Being Blackmailed With a Sex Tape?

Christina Drill
March 19, 2014

WELL OH JEEZ! Kris Jenner, most famous momager in all the land and mother to Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall, AND Kylie, is being threatened by a man who claims to have in his possession a sex tape starring none other than Kris Jenner herself.

According to reports, a man approached Kris Jenner while she was grocery shopping and explained that he had a sex tape of her that he planned to release to the public unless she gave him a lot of money.

After Kris tried to ignore him, the man apparently called her house from tons of different phone numbers, demanding money in exchange for keeping the sex tape private. He even sent her a text message while she was out eating lunch saying "Hello. Are you enjoying the restaurant?" F*CKING CREEPY GUYS!

Obviously, because of this, the Kardashians are beefing up their security hardcore. Kris is now in contact with the LAPD. The Kardashian private detective, Gavin DeBecker, is also on the case.

BUT WAIT-- could this be just another publicity stunt by the Kardashians to boost their ratings? It is said that this season will be the last season that the show is on air, and that ratings have been low on account of the lack of drama in the family. Radar claims that a man contacted them saying they had a Kris Jenner sex tape, but when they asked for proof of the tape, the man never responded.

SO WHO KNOWS really? There has definitely been talk of a Kris Jenner sex tape floating around in the past, so this doesn't entirely shock me. But the question I think we are all asking is-- WHO DID SHE MAKE A SEX TAPE WITH?! ROB KARDASHIAN? BRUCE? KHLOE'S REAL DAD? OJ SIMPSON???

Hard to resist me some Kardashian drama.

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