Who says you can't party in jail?

Christina Drill
September 05, 2014

I feel like this is something that could only happen in Canada.

This weekend, authorities at Montreal's Bordeaux Prison were alerted by a tipster who claimed that one of their inmates, a 20-something young man by the name of Michael Simoneau-Meunier, had posted photos to his Facebook from inside his cell. In the photos, the 15-time offender Mr. Simeoneau-Meunier can be seen smoking a blunt that may or may not have marijuana inside it (hint: of course it has marijuana inside of it) and taking sips of Hennessy Xo Cognac, a liquor that runs about $250 a bottle.

"Xo and blunt living da jail life," Michael Simoneau-Meunier captioned his priceless photos.

Bordeaux Prison houses mail inmates who are sentenced to less than two years of jail time as well as prisoners awaiting trial. It is not Quebec's highest-security prison by any means, but it is its largest-- at maximum capacity, Bordeaux holds almost 1200 inmates.

So how did this guy manage to sneak illicit substances into his jail cell, where he is being held while waiting for a robbery sentence? Authorities at the jail have declined to comment about how he was able to sneak in alcohol, marijuana, and a cell phone.

Bordeaux Prison has a strict "No Drugs, Alcohol, and Cell Phone," privacy, but obviously it isn't strict enough.

Sources from inside the prison say that inmates have been highly successful at smuggling in cell phones and cell phone chargers, as well as illicit substances like the kind Simoneau-Meunier was able to sneak in.

Alongside the illicit photos, Simoneau-Meunier also posted photos of his other inmates, many of them shirtless and showing off their muscular pecs and stomachs.

Below the photo, inmates kept their friends up to date on their conditions and updated them on their current situation.

A man of very few words, Simoneau-Meunier responded to a friend below one of his uploaded photos: "at least it's good times here."

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