I have $300,000 lying around, and I would like to spend it on eating lasagna in Bruce Springsteen's home, please!

Christina Drill
November 07, 2014

The Bob Woodruff Foundation, a charity that is concerned with making sure that injured veterans and their families live comfortable, healthy lives once they've returned back from service, held a charity auction that the king of rock-n-roll, Bruce Springsteen himself, participated in.

At the Stand Up For Heroes event at Madison Square Garden, Springsteen auctioned off a side ride in his motorcycle, a guitar lesson on his personal guitar, and a lasagna dinner at his home in New Jersey. All proceeds of the event, of course, will go directly to veterans and their families.

"I should not be alive right now," Woodruff himself spoke as the show's opener, giving thanks to his fellow soldiers who apparently saved his life in battle. Woodruff's speech was followed by a moment of silence for comic Robin Williams, who had been a part of the fundraiser in past years.

Stand Up For Heroes has raised over $6 million this year, with $1 million of the money coming from last night's extravaganza. Since we're doing the math, half of the money made last night came from the Springsteen auctions.

Partnered with the New York City Comedy Festival, comedians Louis C.K., Jim Gaffigan, John Oliver, and Jon Stewart performed short stand-up sets, along with other special surprise guests, like Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who sang "New York, New York" to the large crowd made up predominantly of veterans and their families.

"I'm not sure many people in this room will identify with that level of cowardice," is a joke John Oliver made during a bit about scared he was in 2012 waiting for Hurricane Sandy to touch land in New York.

Can someone identify and interview the guy who basically paid to be Bruce Springsteen's friend for a day? I want to ask him a few questions. Mostly about the lasagna.

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