Art Exhibition Completely Dedicated to Taylor Swift

Christina Drill
March 28, 2014

Taylor Swift, American icon/mystery/frustration/beauty/Kennedy, is the subject of the art exhibition "Who's Taylor Swift, Anyway?" at Fowler Project Space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The exhibit opens tonight, March 28th, and will remain on display until April 13th

The exhibit of my dreams is curated by 28-year-old Brooklyn-based artist Elizabeth Grammaticas, in associated with a grant by the Brooklyn Arts Council.

"Who's Taylor Swift, Anyway?" seeks to explore "our relationship to celebrity through embodiments of [a] pop-fictional character" and "how has this inescapable singer transformed our cultural landscape." Art by six local artists in the form of painting, video, installation, and performance will be exhibited at the space with gallery hours on Saturdays from 12-5 or by appointment.

Boston-native Grammaticas explained why she decided to curate an exhibit based on Swift to the Boston Globe in an interview: “I didn’t even care about her a year ago,” said Grammaticas, who worked at the American Repertory Theater while living in Boston. (author's note-- WELCOME TO THE FANDOM, NEWBIE!) “I definitely came from a point of not liking her, but then I started to listen to [the album] ‘Red’ and went down a rabbit hole. I really got caught up in Taylor and her relatability.”

The opening will feature live music (still unsure whether the band will be playing Taylor Swift covers all night or not-- if they are, this might sway me to cancel my Friday night plans and go to this) and a cake with Taylor's face on it.

I wonder what Taylor is going to think about this exhibit! I hope she makes an appearance. I can see her being hesitant about it/ afraid of the art mocking her, but I want her to know that it simply isn't true. Everybody loves you Taylor, everybody wants you to <3win<3.

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