Rihanna and Drake Rumored to be Dating (as Chris Brown sobs)

Christina Drill
March 17, 2014

Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh. This is huge news, at least, it is in my head.

Sources close to both Drake and Rihanna report that yes, it is true that Rihanna and Drake have been spending a lot of time together recently and yes, it is true that they are probably most likely almost definitely a couple.

According to TMZ, Rihanna has been spending every single night with Drake on tour. Drake is currently traipsing across Europe as part of his "Would You Like a Tour" tour. Sources say RiRi's decided to give this relationship a shot because Drake treats her better than any other guy she has ever dated. AKA Drake is seems like a less awful guy than Chris Brown, so, duh.

As for Drake, he's "smitten" and hasn't been this happy in "a long, long time." I believe it! I actually can't remember a moment in the last five years where Drake was living life heartsick-free.

Rihanna and Drake's romantic history has always been a bit spotty and hard to follow-- three years ago Drake admitted to having taken Rihanna out for dinner but that RiRi turned him down for a date two.

Here's footage from this weekend of Drake and Rihanna going into the men's bathroom of Zouk Tea Bar in Grill for a quick love sesh. Drake exits looking pretty damn happy about life, and you can see Rihanna follow shortly after.

However, if they're really about to get serious, Drake wants Rihanna to promise one thing-- that she'll cut all ties with her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. (Yeah, RiRi still keeps in contact with him.) Think Drihanna will actually happen? To be honest it seems highly unlikely to last-- Drake is too much of a goober for Rihanna-- but whoooo knows y'all! People are only people!

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