Buckwheat Groats Superimpose Tom Hanks Into Music Video, Chaos Ensues

Christina Drill
March 19, 2014

Thought you'd never live to see the day Tom Hanks, American icon, partake in a very gross rap video?

Good news: if you're still alive today, you have lived to see it happen.

Intergalactic street titans the Buckwheat Groats, a comedy rap duo who claims to hail from Grunwald, Poland, have a new single out, their first in a year. It is called "TOM HANKS" and, after 40K views in one day, it is probably about to go viral.

The concept is the video is pretty simple: the Buckwheat Groats, made up of rappers by the names of Lil' Dinky and Penis Bailey, run around town with "Tom Hanks" snorting cocaine, getting money, getting head, and shooting cops in the face.

Only "Tom Hanks" is not actually Tom Hanks-- they used a body double to CGI Tom's face onto it so it looks like Tom is living his life just as the Groats are wont to do.

But wait, it is so much funnier than I can even explain. Maybe you need to WATCH IT HERE and decide for yourself.

Some people are wondering, worried, "Aren't they going to get sued?" But if you are not familiar with the Buckwheat Groats, know this is not the first time they've pushed the envelope on what's legal and what isn't when making a video. In one of their early singles, "Take U 2 Da (Shopping Mall)," the duo raps about picking up underage girls at the local mall. Their song "Take Yourself Out the Game" threw anti-suicide support groups into a frenzy because its lyrics focus on telling a made up character that he is such a loser he should kill himself. There was "Swag Like An Asian," in which the Buckwheat Groats travel to Asia to sing about how they have swag like an Asian, which was deemed by many as a racist idea. Oh, and there was also "Million Dollar Menu," where they illegally brought their f*ckboi shenanigans to various McDonalds locations in Manhattan and filmed their video inside of it. But Chet Haze, the rapper son of Tom Hanks, has personally endorsed the video, so it seems like all should be good.

Point is: if you're not familiar with the Buckwheat Groats, please become familiar immediately.

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