Rocky Ridge Refuge Will Melt Your Heart

Christina Drill
March 27, 2014

I really don't remember the last time I saw pictures this cute before! I can't stop smiling!

A sweet, sweet lady by the name of Janice Wolf runs The Rocky Ridge Refuge in Midway, Arkansas, which is an animal sanctuary for lost, injured, and abandoned animals. The organization's Facebook page has over 100,000 likes, and I suggest you go over there and "Like" their page, if you're interested in incredibly cute pictures of animals hanging out together appearing on your Newsfeed.

The farm houses turtles, pigs, stray dogs, warthogs, zebras, chickens, donkeys, and more-- and altogether, like one big happy family. Wolf's mission is to "improve the lives of animals by the ways and means available" to her, and she rarely turns down an animal due to lack of space. Wolf says she typically has around 50 animals at any given time, and that many of them are up for permanent adoption after a background check.

A lot of the older dogs have "adopted" the shelter's puppies as their own-- female dogs actually produce milk just by looking at puppies, and allow the smaller dogs to nurse.

If you go to their Facebook page, you will see miraculous photos of turtles and dogs chillin' together, a raccoon relaxing on a hound's stomach, and even a few capybaras (one named Cheesecake).

Wolf, who studied social work and counseling before working as a vet tech, began caring for animals 20 years ago. The Rocky Ridge Refuge sells calendars for revenue and also accepts donations on their Facebook page.

I do not remember the last time photos on the internet made me smile this much-- I have never had a better reason to travel to Arkansas.

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